The Entourage
Jan 08, 2015

The Entourage

When planning a wedding the bride and groom decide who will be the people who will accompany them in such important moment. It is customary to select people who are special  in the relationship of the couple. However, what exactly is the entourage? And who is included in it?

The entourage of your wedding are the people who have accompanied you during different stages of your life and who will accompany you during the ceremonial acts of this great day.

Who’s included in the entourage?

The delegation is not limited to the number of people who march in the aisle during the ceremonial acts, but it includes the rest of those closest to the couple. Think about who will be part of the official photos of your wedding.

  • Best man and Maid of honor

  • Father of the groom

  • Mother and father of the bride

  • Grandfather of the groom

  • Grandfather of the bride

  • Ring bearer

  • Groom’s brothers and sisters

  • Bride’s brothers and sisters

  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen

  • Groom's uncles and aunts

  • Bride’s uncles and aunts

  • Others

These people are part of your entourage and in one way or another are an essential part of your celebration.

Why is it important to dress the entourage?

As an essential part of your wedding, the members of your entourage must be commensurate with the moment. A wedding is a ceremonial formal activity, which carries a dress code that reflects the commitment and the importance of the moment. For this reason the bride wears her traditional white wedding ceremony and the groom carries his tuxedo. The delegation should reflect the same level of elegance and formality, because right next to the couple they are an important part of this moment.

You should consider the formal clothing for the entourage for several reasons:

  • Any wedding deserves proper attire.

  • Your entourage will be part of the photographs that you will keep the rest of your life.

  • A well dressed entourage in formal attire will show off your elegant wedding.

  • Social behavior and self-esteem will be raised automatically.

Becomes a priority clothing of the most important people in your life. It is they who will accompany you in every moment to come!